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Sita Network Consulting Services Sdn. Bhd. provides consulting services from assessment and planning, network and system design, deployment and implementation, project management, post implementation and post implementation support to warranty. Our expertise is our people and their skills in consulting, integration, project management and support of various product lines and manufacturers. We have been proven in our consulting services because of our diverse expertise both from our local and foreign consultants. Our consulting experience includes but not limited to IT Infrastructure study for State Government, Smart Schools and Intelligent Buildings both locally and overseas, which encompasses the study, design, recommendation, implementation, project management, testing and certification. We have also provided consulting services for Wide Area Migration of telecommunication network from front end based to router based. Other projects also include study and recommending an upgrade of an entire network cabling system to a more state of-the-art technology. In this rapidly advancing information technology economy, it is critical to depend on a reliable, committed and proven organization to build and support your communications infrastructure and system without over dependence on a single or limited brand name and manufacturer, to take advantage of the diverse superior third-party products.
Constant changes in business and computer network systems requires good response. SITA addresses these changes by performing in-depth network analysis to determine a network strategy that focuses on future growth. SITA can assist you in creating a network solution to achieve your business goals. Relationships with our customers are important to enable us to understand the challenges they face. SITA believes in developing good customer relationship and equipping our customers to face new challenges with their complex networks, to understand the multitude of technologies and other technological issues
As part of our consulting services, SITA provides a total network and system design for a LAN, WAN or Campus wide environment. Successful network performance is based on careful design and planning which takes a practical approach to the customers network, addressing the impact of changes in one area or in other areas. Our network and system design services offers a comprehensive design and implementation plan which takes into account the various influences of a good network strategy such as: The various systems and services to be supported Impact of changes on the various elements of the network Incorporating new technology Scalability both in terms of users and performance A completed design will present a “plan” for a network implementation including an outline project scheme identifying the logical steps involved in implementing the design. The design will identify the strengths as well as weaknesses and suggest the relative impact of these weaknesses and how they may be addressed.
Preparing tender specifications, documents and tender calling are all part of our deployment process as an IT Consultant. The purchasing of the right network or data communication product is an important step in ensuring a successful system. Deployment and successful installation of these network equipment or data communication products is a major challenge. SITA will assure that you will get what you need on-time and within your budget. Deploying and implementing networks and network enhancements are crucial to the success of your business. SITA understands that it is not only important to select what products to use but also how you will implement these products efficiently and effectively. With our various network services, you can rely on SITA to meet your deployment and implementation goals at a competitive price. As a result, you can optimize your technological capabilities and increase the returns on your investment. All implementations services are fully documented and include: Pre-installation plan Installation manuals including software configuration Warranty Certificates
Our expertise in project management have been proven with the skills gained throughout the years. To ensure that project deadlines are met, SITA will produce a project schedule which will include every stage of the project from deployment to testing and commissioning. SITA will ensure that all the deadlines are met and that all deliverable are of the highest quality and standards.
As part of our consulting services, SITA will ensure that the network project does not end after the implementation process. We will ensure that our customers get value for their money by providing post implementation support. This may include final documentations like user manuals and specifications, user training and equipment maintenance.
Facilitates logical future growth through sound network solutions. Ensures the highest quality network components. Enables your network to grow with your business, minimizing network investment and maximizing network performance.