Why us


20 Reasons why you should choose SITA for your Office IT Solutions deployment:

1. Our total commitment to Open Source products and solutions and work closely with key technology owners and sponsors worldwide.

2. Proven experience in providing consultancy,support and services with thousands of installed sites in Malaysia and Asia region and number of sites are growing rapidly.

3. Our existing customers range from SMI/SME to MNC and major corporations including banking and finance, property,manufacturing and other horizontal industry sectors.

4. We were award recipient for our effort in Open Source promotion and deployment in Asia.

5. We initiated awareness, promotion and support of Open Source Technology in Malaysia and the region with professional commitment of our services.

6. Provide full levels of support expected from major corporations with SLAs.

7. 23 years in IT service business and with pass 12 years in Open Source Technology awareness,promotion and deployment.

8. We are committed to both cut and save cost of your capital investment,software licenses,support and maintenance services without compromising the expected level of services and support expected of corporate vendors.

9. We have established business contacts and expertise in the region to support our customers.

10. Our team consists of technical expertise gained with major corporates exposures like AT & T,Cisco,Microsoft as well as LAMP technologies.

11. We have expertise in R & D, support, services, software development and distribution business related to Open Source Technology.

12. We pioneered in structured cabling system,SI, outsourcing,IBMS Tenancy Billing, Asterisk IP­Telephony and other Open Source technologies with a team of experienced support specialists and management.

13. Experience in and pioneer in Banking and Financial industry computerization.

14. Technical competent and proven expertise in major industry and project development and deployment in Malaysia and Asia with major corporates exposures like NCR,AT & T, Cisco,IBM and MS.

15. We are group of companies who has expertise in services,development and distribution business of Open Source Technology. Commitment to Open Source Community.

16. We understand Open Source technologies and its communities and we share our knowledge and expertise to all parties who is willing to participate.

17. We are committed to our community,suppliers,customers.

18. We share same technologies that made US based companies like Google,Skpye,Facebook,Apple,Twitter and billion dollars corporates of today.

19. We commit our resource to help the underprivileged groups and developing countries.

20. We pioneer in what we are doing. We pioneered in structured cabling system, SI, outsourcing, IBMS Billing, Asterisk IP Telephony and complete Open Source office IT solution.